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Sample Changers

Varian NMR Sample Changer

Bruker NMR Sample Changer
NMR Sample Changers
MR Resources carries automated sample changers that are compatible with both Bruker and Varian spectrometers.

Sample Changers provide random accessing of samples at 60 or 120 sample capicity. With a Sample Changer from MR Resources, you will allow the end user to easily and effectively preform automatic experiments.

Bruker Sample Changers

The Bruker Automatic Sample Changer (B-ACS), used in conjunction with Bruker DIS, UX or XWIN- software, provides dialog-guided facilities which allow the user to easily and effectively perform automatic (continuous) experiments.

Features include a 60 or 120 sample capacity, random accessing of samples, positive sample identification with the optional bar code reader, and temperature control of individual samples with the optional sample heater unit.

Varian Sample Changers

The ASM-100 Automatic Sample Management Accessory, referred to as sample changer, is an electromechanical, robotic device designed to automatically insert and retrieve samples from the bore of the magnet.

The system is designed for completely automatic unattended operation and can handle from 1 to 100 samples. When installed, the unit is attached to the magnet and aligned with the magnet bore.

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