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MR Resources maintains a large inventory of analog circuit boards and modules for most Bruker and Varian Spectrometers.

MR Resource's produces a range of high performance, solid-state RF analog circuit boards for pulsed and CW applications, operating at frequencies in the MF to UHF range. Our transmitter designs are based on modern, solid state technology and offer excellent performance at a low cost. MR Resource's analog circuit boards are modular in design and use innovative solid-state amplifier designs and power combining techniques. This approach eliminates the problems of unreliability, inefficiency, and downtime during servicing, safety hazard and high maintenance cost traditionally associated with high power, vacuum-tube analog circuit boards. Most of the subassemblies within each transmitter are of a plug-in design allowing for easy maintenance. The splitting and combining techniques employed allow each amplifier module to operate in isolation from the others so that failure of a single module normally has only a small effect on overall performance. Full protection is provided against overheating, excessive duty cycle and load mismatch. The analog circuit boards are extremely robust and require very little maintenance, making them ideal for remote or unattended locations. Our analog circuit boards can be easily integrated with existing hardware and MR Resources offers a full installation and maintenance service if required. MR Resource's analog circuit boards are suitable for a range of /MRI system applications.

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