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NMR Quench Recovery

NMR Quench Recovery

NMR Magnet Quench Recovery
If the magnet is not filled in the proper manner it will quench causing significant “down time” for your lab, not to mention the exorbitant costs associated with bringing the magnet back up to field. MR Resources is fully equipped, staffed and prepared to deal with any quenched magnet situation. Quenches, although infrequent, create costly down time and pose a serious impediment to your research.

In the event of a quench, time is of the essence; please call us as soon as possible at 1-888-466-7435. MR Resources will:
  • Determine the status of your magnet
  • Recommend a plan of action
  • Disperse a qualified magnet engineer to your location
  • Disperse all needed equipment to service the magnet
  • Replace O’ rings and reseal your magnet
  • Pump down to high vacuum specification
  • Cool the LN2 and LHe temperature
  • Re-energize and Re-cryoshim the magnet

NMR Quench Fill Safety Tips:

Since the possibility of a quench is higher when filling the magnet, and since the transfer involves manual operations, there is a remote possibility that an operator could be rendered unconscious around the time of a quench. Fills should only be done by a single operator when the fill cannot be deferred, and exceptional caution should then be used.

The following steps should be observed to avoid accidents:
  • Magnetic fields may permanently damage watches, calculators and certain types of credit cards. Keep those items more than 2.5 m away from center of magnet.
  • Failure to refill or de-energize the magnet when low levels are indicated by cryogen level sensors may result in a magnet quench with possible magnet damage. If low level warning lights on sensors are continuously lit, immediately inform the NMR operator.
  • Use only carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to avoid equipment damage.
  • In case of serious flooding or other situations where there is risk of electrocution, turn off the equipment circuit breakers

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