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Efficient operation of your NMR facility begins with a knowledgeable and responsible supplier of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen.

MR Resources starts where the others leave off, we have created a cryogen distribution system specifically for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facilities.

Whether it’s Liquid Helium or Liquid Nitrogen you need, MR Resources has been the NMR community’s one-stop resource for Cryogens. We are not just a supply house for liquefied gases. We are experts in NMR technology. We can even put your lab on a pre-determined schedule so you can continue doing your lab work. MR Resources will make sure your Cryogens get to you when they are required.

For Cryogen Delivery:

  • Our 1-800-4 HELIUM telephone number, makes placing orders convenient and cost free.
  • All orders are dispatched from one central location to our regional supply points to assure superb quality control.
  • Start-up and Emergency delivery services available.
  • Our cryogens meet or excede recommended purity specifications.
  • Containers available in 60, 100, and 250 litre sizes at all locations

NMR Liquid Helium/Nitrogen Fill Agreement:

MR Resources Helium Fill Contracts allow you to do your work, while MR Resources does ours. Our engineers will look at your magnets specifications and arrange the proper scheduling to come to your lab and fill your magnets with Liquid Helium, thus both assuming responsibility for the proper filling of your magnets and freeing up your time to do your lab work.

  • MR Resources will perform ongoing inspection of the magnet systems including measurement of cryogen boil-off rate, cryogen Level monitor, general magnet system.
  • MR Resources will provide written documentation of each cryogen fill to include information such as fill duration, fill quantities and magnet status.
  • MR Resources warrants that all work will be performed in a timely, competent manner using methods and techniques consistent with those employed within the industry.
  • All work performed will be guaranteed for the life of this agreement.
  • Should a magnet quench while being filled under the scope of this agreement, MR Resources will attempt to return the magnet to the performance levels that were attained prior to the quench

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