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NMR Service Contracts

NMR Service Contracts

NMR Support Contracts
MR Resources offers a variety of service agreements to protect your NMR, related equipment and parts. For the ultimate in protection, consider an annual service agreement. We offer initial system check-out and repair, periodic on-site inspection, cryogen filling and of course guaranteed service when you need it.

Funding problems are no excuse for taking chances with your instrument. If your budget is tight, we can modify any of our standard packages to suit your specific needs.

NMR Field Service Agreement:
Our NMR hardware engineers are the best in the industry and can offer you many years of NMR experience. Many of the NMR systems we support, the OEM has discontinued its service and support.

  • Preventive Service Inspection:
    On a pre-scheduled, semi-annual basis, MR Resource’s engineers will review the operation of all systems and ensure that they are at peak performance.

  • Preventative maintenance:
    All required preventative maintenance, such as magnet condition (o-rings, boil-off, He level sense electronics, etc.), shim tuning and cleaning operations (sample turbine, air dryers, filters on computer and console, etc.) will be performed during the semi-annual visits.

  • Quench protection:
    Re-energization after a quench will be provided, or should the worst occur, a complete magnet rebuild should the o-ring seals in the magnet system fail (common in older magnet super-conducting systems).

  • Full parts and labor service coverage:
    Unlimited parts and on-site service will be provided as needed, should a problem arise with your system. All labor and parts are included within these agreements. MR Resources maintains one of the largest spare parts inventories in the world for most NMR systems.

NMR Liquid Helium/Nitrogen Fill Agreement:

MR Resources Helium Fill Contracts allow you to do your work, while MR Resources does ours. Our engineers will look at your magnets specifications and arrange the proper scheduling to come to your lab and fill your magnets with Liquid Helium, thus both assuming responsibility for the proper filling of your magnets and freeing up your time to do your lab work.

  • MR Resources will perform ongoing inspection of the magnet systems including measurement of cryogen boil-off rate, cryogen Level monitor, general magnet system.
  • MR Resources will provide written documentation of each cryogen fill to include information such as fill duration, fill quantities and magnet status.
  • MR Resources warrants that all work will be performed in a timely, competent manner using methods and techniques consistent with those employed within the industry.
  • All work performed will be guaranteed for the life of this agreement.
  • Should a magnet quench while being filled under the scope of this agreement, MR Resources will attempt to return the magnet to the performance levels that were attained prior to the quench.

NMR Quench Recovery Agreement:

A Quench Recovery Agreement protects you in two very significant ways.

First, against the unforeseen expense(s) associated with a quench. Second, and more consequential is the lost productivity associated with long delays in obtaining funding, purchase order and waiting for the magnet engineer to be available.

With an MR Resources Quench Recovery Agreement in place, just give us a call and you become our top priority with no hassles and no red tape in the way.

Fortunately, newer magnets are well protected against quenches. However should a quench occur an elaborate, costly and time-consuming process is required to bring them back to field. Typically, this is what must be done.

  • Fill the vacuum space with nitrogen gas and warm the magnet to room temperature.
  • Take the magnet apart.
  • Re-position the magnet coil and concentric bore tubes inside the magnet.
  • Replace the helium "getters".
  • Re-seal the magnet with new O-rings.
  • Re-pump the vacuum.
  • Fill the inner and outer dewars with liquid nitrogen to pre-cool the magnet.
  • Remove the liquid nitrogen from the inner dewar and fill with liquid helium.
  • Energize the magnet to the proper field, which could take up to three days.
  • Adjust the magnet's homogeneity by putting current in the cryo-shims.
The entire procedure could require up to two weeks or more of on-site labor. Addition cost would encompass special equipment such as pump, magnet power supply and magnet lifting devise.

NMR Calibration and Inspection Agreement:

A requirement for ISO, GLP and IQ/OQ, MR Resources Calibration and Inspection Agreement (CIA) is designed to pro-actively ensure that your NMR system remains as productive and dependable as possible. Under this agreement, we will perform periodic inspections of your system, including:

  • Check NMR sensitivity.
  • Check and adjust NMR resolution.
  • Check and adjust resonance line shape.
  • Check and adjust 90 degree pulse calibrations.
  • Check and minimize spinning sidebands.
  • Check and adjust probe tuning.
  • Run computer diagnostics and verify proper functioning.
  • Check magnet cryogen boil-off and cryogen levels.
  • Check cooling fans and clean all filters.
  • Perform additional tests as needed.
  • Answer user questions.
Of course, this is only a standard checklist. Each NMR CIA is customized to fit your individual needs. In particular, if your laboratory falls under ISO, GLP, IQ/OQ, or any other quality control certification requirements, a CIA from MRR can be an ideal way to obtain the independent certification needed to satisfy these requirements.

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