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We invite you to attend the NEW 2020 IVAN Workshop Meeting Saturday March 7th before the Baltimore ENC in Maryland.

Register for the 2020 IVAN Workshop @ ENC

Mark your calendar for this year’s IVAN meeting on the Saturday March 7th before the 2020 ENC in Baltimore! Our new focus for the IVAN meeting will be a set of morning and afternoon mini-workshops, each in an area of analytical NMR. All NMR users with an interest in our workshop-program are invited to attend the IVAN meeting.

The workshop meeting will be located at the Baltimore Hilton, the conference hotel, in the Carroll A/B Suite on the third floor. As usual, we will start with coffee and registration at about 8:30 AM, there will be a catered lunch at noon and we will conclude with an informal reception about 4:00 PM to which all ENC attendees are invited.

New this year, IVAN membership and the IVAN meeting will now be officially open to NMR users of any vendor’s instruments, not just Varian and Agilent. IVAN was founded in 2016 as a meeting for orphaned Varian/Agilent users. This change for 2020 acknowledges that we Varian/Agilent owners have been equally interested in our NMR instruments from other vendors and that the strength of past IVAN meetings has been more in tutorial content about methods than any vendor-specific information. We acknowledge these two facts with the new format of mini-workshops and an official open invitation to all.

In the morning, Dr. Sitarma Bhavarju, NMR Team leader at U.S. Pharmacopeia, will present a tutorial session about Quantitative NMR. Dr. Bhavaraju is an authority at U.S.P. about both the practical and regulatory aspects of qNMR and he handles a broad portfolio of analytical testing for multinuclear organics, polymers, excipients, food chemicals,
botanicals and peptides. He has been a continuing contributor to the yearly qNMR Summit and other meetings.

The afternoon topic will be NMR Metabolomics, led by Professor Emmanuel Hatzakis, Department of Food Science and Technology, Ohio State University. Professor Hatzakis’s research focuses on identification and analysis for foods and other complex matrices such as bio-fluids and plant extracts. He is a recognized NMR educator and sponsors a short course in NMR methodology. We are pleased that Dr. Bhavaraju and Professor Hatzakis are willing to share with us at the ENC!

2020 registration for the IVAN meeting is now open at https://www.ivanmr.com. We hope you will preregister, even if you only plan to drop in, but on-site registration will be available. If your plane arrives Saturday, still try to get to the afternoon reception! If you are already an IVAN member your email will be remembered from previous years. If you do not yet have an IVAN login, first click the link to join IVAN and then continue on to register for the meeting. Remember, you no longer need to identify a Varian/Agilent instrument to join IVAN. We welcome all NMR users who are interested.

Make your plans for another great IVAN event!

See you at the 2020 ENC!


The 2020 Executive Committee of IVAN: Tim Burrow, Craig Butts, Frank Delaglio, George Gray, Dan Iverson, Krish Krishnamurthy, Dave Rice, Dave Russell, Mike Strain, Don Bouchard (Q One Americas, Indianapolis), Marty Marek (Q One Americas, Chicago), Jeremy Lea (MRR Europe and Scientific Magnetics), Ramon Rosales (MRR Mexico), Shellie Hammond (MRR) and Jon Webb (CEO of MRR and VP of Q One Americas)



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